Wonderland 9 from Zenescope

March 28, 2013 in Artist Alley, Comics

Wonderland9-Logo_SejicSo here’s to my first professional artist debut since those lowly college days back in 1994 when my creator owned title, The Snake, released with so much hope for the future of my creative career. While the Avengelyne back up was a clear and note worthy highlight, the pages that are featured in the Wonderland book are a testament to the fact that I can do this kind of work. I’ve spent a lot of years doubting my ability and ultimately curbing my ambitions of becoming an artist and a professional. . . .today with the release of this title, I can say that I have finally done both.

I went to 4 comic shops today, one in my home town and 3 in New York City and only 2 of those 4 had a copy of this book on hand. That was something that was greatly disappointing to me as I was hoping to hoard as many as I could to dole out to friends and family as a token to a life long dream finally achieved. If you’re looking for a hard copy of the title I hope that you have more luck than I did, perhaps ordering it online might be the better way to go if your local comic shop doesn’t have a copy.

Something that I also found interesting is that I got top billing over, series Artist, Sheldon Goh, who provided all of the Wonderland pages featuring the sword & sorcery action. I would really like to do more with Zenescope, as I think that their content suites my sensibilities quite well.

Here are the pencil pages for you to take a look at. You’ll probably notice some differences from the pencils to the final product as there were a lot of revisions and things got a little mixed up. Se La Vi.

Wonderland-09_01-R3 Wonderland-09_02-R2 Wonderland-09_03-R Wonderland-09_11-R2 Wonderland-09_12-R3 Wonderland-09_16 Wonderland-09_17R Wonderland-09_18 Wonderland-09_19 Wonderland-09_20-R Wonderland-09_21-R2 Wonderland-09_22 Wonderland-09_23 Wonderland-09_24 Wonderland-09_Pencils03_Panel1

I want to thank Anthony Spay, Hannah Gorfinkel, Matt Rogers and the whole Zenescope team for helping me make a life long dream come true. Don’t forget me 😀