Dare 2 Draw

May 25, 2013 in Artist Alley

WonderWoman-Sketch So I was invited to an event, this past Thursday (05-23-13), called Dare 2 Draw, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the experience and ended up having a great time. Mark Chiarello, the Art Director for DC Comics, was a special guest at the event and spoke to the attendees about his work outside of DC as well as his experience in the comic industry and that was a real treat to listen to him and see his work. I started the drawing of Wonder Woman before the posing session got started and worked on throughout the evening between the sessions and presentations.

The evening started with a series of short poses where 2 models held different poses for 2. 5 and 10 minutes that were individual and interactive between them. It was a nice exercise, something that I haven’t done since college and it was fun to see some of the other illustrators working next to me. Here are some of the sketches that came from this:


2min-Pose 5min-Pose10min-Pose

Nexus_Dare2Draw-5-23-13I also got a chance to enter the Quick Draw Competition towards the end of the night and I won 3rd place in the over all judging!. Mark Chiarello participated in the judging and stand on stage and get a picture with him so that was pretty awesome! #3! Once the images are posted on the Dare 2 Draw website I’ll post them here with all of my cool winnings!


Dare2Draw is a non-profit organization. Our main mission is to help provide networking, mentoring and promoting opportunities, for cartoonists of all levels, while raising money for artists in need. We share resources for artistic development, while encouraging good health and business practices. Live dynamic action models. Drawing contests. Prizes. Music (all kinds). Workshops and break-out groups.

If you’re in the New York area, and are looking to network with other illustrators or just hang out and donate to a really great cause, you should check this out. Events take place once a month and there are a lot of opportunities to get great stuff in the process.