Avengelyne Pin-Up

December 14, 2012 in Artist Alley

Avengelyne_eyes2-TaggedOne of the greatest disappointments of my, next to nil, professional career is the squandered opportunity to work for Rob Liefeld on one of his original characters, Avemgelyne.

The image to the left is a Pin-Up that I had submitted to the comic before it was announced that they would only be publishing the remaining issues on Keenspot.com. I have to give the biggest thanks to Mark Poulton for never holding a grudge against me for bailing on the initial proposal of the book and publishing my couple of pages in the back of issue one. (You can see those pages in the Bibliography section of the site.)


The image started out a lot more like the drawing to the right . . .actually that was the intended drawing but I fell short on what to do after I had finished the characters. So I got the bright idea to drop Mark Poulton a line and see what he thought I should do with the remaining white space. He hit me back with the creepy little eyeball creatures that had appeared in one of the Avengelyne issues.

I had set the drawing aside for a few weeks before getting back to the drawing (it may have been longer than that I’m sure) and when I looked at it again, I hated it. Avengelyne looked stiff and Passover was just weird so I started from scratch on another idea that had hit me when Mark sent me the image of the eyeball creatures. Mark had been writing a very down to earth and cheerful kind of Avengelyne in the comics and I thought this would be a good time to test my skills at something other than murderous death.  So in the spirit of the comic I thought that I would go for something a little more fun loving.

Here I have Avengelyne making pets of the evil little eye creatures and Passover who’s not really a warm and fuzzy character is getting his ass slaughtered in an amusing fashion as the evil little eye creatures are giving him what-for, not really taking a shine to him like they are Avengelyne. . . or vise verse.