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Victory, a character inspired by one of the greatest heroines in the history of Comics.

Created out of the desire to have my own Wonder Woman, Victory is an amalgam of strength, indomitable will and outrageous proportion. Victory is among the 5 strongest beings in this universe, placing her at the top of Oblivion’s elite.

Born of Alchemy & Magic, Victory was the product of an ancient Sorcerer’s conjuring to provide him the ideal companion, a pure being that he could mold as he saw fit, unfettered by the constraints of mortality and strong enough to survive all the detriments of life.

Height: 5’8″ |  Wieght: Changeable Density |  Hair: Red | Eyes: Green


Her story begins on the, sometimes charted, Island of Hy-Brasil where the Sorcerer Valrankin recites an ancient dialect to conjure a companion of perfection. In centuries past he has settled for visiting the lands of mortals to seduce his mates with the promise of paradise beyond the sea. But they would succumb to their mortality and the ravages of nature leaving him alone to seek another, time and time again. But he proclaimed never again as he sought to create a companion with no such imperfections.

Dahlia was one of his intended over the centuries, an educated woman with a thirst for knowledge. She accepted Valrankin’s promise of paradise and in her years spent with him she learned the trade of alchemy sorcery and witchcraft, and she used these methods to challenge nature and increase her longevity. Through she was well versed in the arts she was not at the level of Valrankin and was only able to slow the aging process, her youth was fading. Every time Valrankin’s stare fell upon her she could sense his displeasure and knew that it would be a matter of time before he found someone new.

Stumbling upon Valrankin’s attempt to create anew, Dahlia masked her presence in the chamber and watched as the new being began to form. She was appalled at his audacity and began to interweave spells and incantations making the figurative literal and comparison actual. Creating an unbalance in the harmony of Valrankin’s structured verse the friction of magic erupted causing the figure, that would be Victory, to scream in pain.

Dahlia thought her task to be successful, but after the smoke cleared and the dust had settled, there, on hands an knees, kneeled a lump of flesh adorned with a Red main of hair. Pleased with himself Valrankin moved closer to inspect his creation as she began to stand upright.

Valrankin stops abruptly with shock as what stood before him was not a what he had intended. Victory watched her creator with an inquisitive stare as he marveled at her naked body, erupting with solid, round muscle and two huge spherical breasts the stood off her chest like orbiting planets. Valrankin’s shock became anger and then intrigue.

Dahlia releases her mask and attacks Victory with physical force ranting that the naked woman is an abomination unworthy of replacing her. Victory slaps the crone away with an unconscious reflex. Dahlia shouts curses at Valrankin and damns his audacity. Valrankin, citing her betrayal, summons a vortex which swallows Dahlia, sending her to an unknown place.

Born to the world with an adult form, Victory had the mind of an infant. Valrankin named her Victory to honor his triumph over loneliness and immediately set Victory on a path of education, teaching her languages customs and the mystical arts. She learned quickly and took to the mystical arts with exceptional prowess. Being that she was a creature of magic mastering the mystical arts was instinctual, soon her power grew and rivaled Valrankin’s own mystical might.

Victory discovered a spell that created a window to the outside world, something that Valrankin had kept in his private journal so that he might visit the mortals and steal a bride. When Valrankin discovered her commanding the spell he forbade it and attempted to punish her. Victory fought back for her desire to see beyond the island was greater than his will. She escaped through the window closing it behind her leaving Valrankin with only his fury.

Now Victory resides in the United States defeating evil and dodging Dahlia and Valrankin at every turn. Valrankin peruses her because he feels that she is his property. Dahlia seeks Victory to destroy her and win back Valrankin’s favor.


An experienced Alchemist and master of mystical arts Victory has a wide range of abilities at her disposal. Some of these abilities are embedded into her being, like her immeasurable strength, speed and lightning reflexes.

Other abilities are made possible through spell incantation. Some of her favorite spells, the “Icy Stare” and “Flight” are so ingrained into her fighting technique and every day activity that she does not need to recite the incantation but simply will it to happen. Spells like invisibility, astral form and telepathy are difficult and require a great deal of concentration.

The moderately challenging spells can be activated by single word commands like the “protector” for instance. Victory’s hide is not impenetrable she can suffer bullet fire, blade slashes and be wounded. In an instance where she might meet a hail of bullets she simply needs to utter the word “protector” and her aura becomes a natural shield, encompassing her entire body. The protector spell is not often used because she likes be hands on, to test her speed and strength in a situation such as was just described.

She also uses potions, serums and powders to resolve a situation. But she does not have them at the ready. These things need to be made with time and care. If she doesn’t need them she won’t carry it with her.
Victory is immortal and eternal much like a vampire without all the blood letting. She can however be killed and there are many in this universe that try.