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Undertaker is an amalgam of different characters, from Batman to Wolverine, and a little more Punisher than anything else, he’s a character that can not only outsmart his opponents, he’s more than capable of kicking their ass and taking their life in the same breath.  


Height: 6’2″ | Wieght: 200 lbs. | Hair: Blonde| Eyes: Blue


Dennis Holden is a master engineer on many fronts but the government recruited him out of college for his innovative weapon designs.

As a child Holden (as he would be called in his military service life) was fascinated by mechanics and engineering and enamored with the prospect of space exploration. At the age of 10 he managed to replace his father’s ’67 Chevy Impala engine with a self sustaining perpetual motion engine that performed identically to the,  original, gas powered version. This was a startling feat, especially since his parents were of only average intelligence and ambition.  Where he got his smarts from is quite the mystery but his engineering marvels continued to impress his instructors, earning him early entrance into M.I.T., plucking him from the mores of public high school by the age of 13.

While in Massachusetts, he eagerly helped N.A.S.A. with new designs and propulsion systems that would have helped to push the space program to new heights but the programs were either diverted or stopped all together before they could see fruition or meet their potential. It was at this time that the military took notice of Holden’s potential and watched him closely, and using him for consulting on design alteration from everything involving vehicles to weapons designs.

During his time at M.I.T., Holden absorbed all that he could from computer science to applied physics and excelled in every field. This is when the Directive requited him with the promise of heading his own Division dedicated to the exploration and charting of our solar system and possibly colonizing other planets.

He honed his skills in the employ of the Directive, the same shadow government branch that created the Champion Program, and worked closely with Esteban Reyes (the Snake and Bio-Engineer that created the Champion Program and Camp himself) on bio weapons for military application against foreign aggressors.

A natural leader he often field tested and approved his own designs on special ops missions and quickly rose in the ranks of the Directive, eventually leading the Technology Research And Development Branch. His forward thinking and team oriented attitude also led Arnold T Rainier (Chief Officer of the Directive) to assign him to explore counter intelligence and espionage missions in both solo and team environments, where Holden excelled time and again and eventually earned the moniker of Skull Leader hence the skull on his chest.

When Champion destroys the Directive facility to find his freedom, he releases all of the creations that the Champion Program produced, both good and bad. 

Blaming Reyes for the downfall of the Directive and the escaped creatures he hunts the benign and the malevolent creations alike, seeing them as abominations and mistakes as a part of a program that should not have relied on genetic and chemical enhancements but mechanics and software engineering.

At the top of his list is Reyes himself, a transformed mutant, that he sees as less of a man than the monstrosity that brought about the end of the Directive. But the greatest threat is Champion and his research provides him a way to bring the super-man down. 

In his travels, Undertaker will meet some character from the Mystic side of the street, like the Cubine and the Kateal. He’s fearless in trying to dispatch them but it’s experiences like this that teach him that he can’t always do everything by himself and is reluctant to form partnerships but needs to every once and again to expedite a situation.

After some time, Holden begins to understand that not all of the refugees from the Champion Program have earned death, Champion included. That new found understanding leads ‘Taker to team with Champion, Victory, Rig, & Warden to form the Trust, a Justice Avengers sort of grouping that take on threats that area little larger than global populace can handle. 


Hand to Hand Combat Expert:
Undertaker has extensive combat training and mixed martial arts mastery. 

Utilizing his mastery of weapons engineering and tracking abilities enhanced by his technological designs, there is no one alive that can evade his attention for long.

Arm Blades:
He carries Wolverine like blades on his left forearm that retract and extend through mental commands attached by a neural network stemming from the base of his skull. The Neural connection is not invasive but sits just above the skin that utilize micro-magnetic conductors to relay the thought impulse to various parts of his suite.  This not only works for the blades but the mini gun that he has mounted on his right arm.

Arm Guns:
The three chambered gun on his arm has limited rounds feed by a bullet belt strapped just below the shoulder. The main chamber discharges standard munitions from the bullet belt, but the left and the right chambers have specially designed munitions with one round a piece to take out specific targets on his “To Dead” list.

Body Armor:

  • Inner Amor:
    • Form fitting, body suitthat is a micrometer thick, light weight with a tensile strength that can withstand the gunfire of automatic weapons and basic piercing objects.
  • Outer armor Stealth mode cloaking
    • looks like classic light reflective Predator chit.
  • Double density field adds a temporary force field that can withstand an impact from a semi truck moving at 80mph.
    • Power on this is limited he’s still working on a more pliable energy source.
  • Cloak also serves as a glider. Electrical discharge strengthens and stiffens the tensile structure of the material.
    • Magnetic fasteners hook the bottom of the cloak to the back of his boots and the claps of his wrists
  • Bullet Proof Cloak.
  • Exo-skeletal structure can also be boosted to allow him a temporary strength increase of 5x greater than his natural ability.

The only caveat to all of these systems is that the battery is limited so he can’t maintain many of these options for very long.

“To Dead” List
At the top of the list is Champion. Holden was responsible for overseeing Champion’s combat training but didn’t spend a lot of personal time with the “subject”. Instead he sought out the individuals that were responsible for training him so adeptly over the years. This way he could keep an eye on champion’s development, always fearing that an asset of Champion’s caliber could be used against the Directive and it’s allies should he turn or be lost to enemies abroad.