The NEW Trinity

January 6, 2013 in Artist Alley, Uncategorized

Trinity-ZolaIf you don’t know who the Trinity are or who Zola is then I’ll have to ask you to get to steppin’ because I aint explaining it to ya. If you do then stick around for a while because I will explain it to yo azz! Yo Azz. there’s a pun in there somewhere, lets see if you can find it . . . what ever.

The Trinity comes to us from DC Comics and is comprised of 3 of the earliest and most recognizable superheroes in all of existence, Wonder Woman, Superman,  and Batman. Now what none or all of you may know is that I am a huge Wonder Woman fan  and as of late, her fresh new title from the DC comics relaunch,  is driving me a little impatient with the story.

So, for 12 issues Wonder Woman was protecting this chick named Zola, who was pregnant with Zeus’ child, from Hera who wanted Zola and the unborn child dead because of Zeus’s infidelity. Why blame Zola and the baby for that is beyond me but I’m not the writer. All the while Wonder Woman finds herself deeply entrenched in this thing with the Greek pantheon of Gods and she finds out all kinds of neat stuff about her heritage like she’s the daughter of Zeus too and that her Amazon family are brutal, murdering, rapists. In every issue she’s saving Zola from another God induced peril.

The child is born by issue 12 and I’m like “Great!” that was fun now let’s get to seeing something new, right, chapter over, what’s next? An epic Circe battle? New mayhem from the Cheetah? A World Shifting paradigm from Dr. Psycho? . . .

The answer is more Zola as at the end of issue 12 the baby is abducted and as of the last 3 issues (by the time of this post) Wonder Woman has been searching for Zola’s missing baby. I guess we’ll never see the end of this arc. There’s so much Zola and periphery in the title that I don’t know where Wonder Woman is.

So to the point of this drawing. I thought that I would have a little fun with my frustration with the title and illustrate the new Trinity featuring Zola in Wonder Woman’s place with some fluffy banter. Let me know what you think if you have the time.

Thanks for lookin’