New York Comic Con!

September 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

So the convention season is winding down this year and I’m hoping to add my bit to contribute to the wonder and mayhem that is the New  York  Comic Con! To help insure that happens, I have plunked down some cash for a table in the Artist Alley this year and I would like to invite everyone to come out and share the experience with me!

You can find me at Booth 16, at the Back of the Artist Alley, sketching and passing out copies of my Convention Book! This one is 36 pages and a full color cover of my JSA dream team, a complete Homage to Justice League #1 cover by Jim Lee! Just $10 each and the for the first person to make a purchase, that book is yours to take for free!

Every Convention Book purchased will receive a free head shot sketch of their favorite comic character on the back, making every book unique and every book special!

Avengelyne fans, I’ll be signing issues of the first issue which features my 2 page back up story “Avengelyne: Extreme Origins” with Writer Mark Pulton and colorist Dexter Weeks.  So Bring your issues by and get them defaced! That would be awesome!

For those of you that can’t make it to the show to get a Convention Book, don’t forget that you can order one here on the site, complete with your free head sketch of your favorite comic character!

I hope to see you there and I hope that you have a great time at the show! I’m hoping to make this an annual event so keep your fingers crossed for me and perhaps something great will come from this!

Thanks for lookin’,

E.J. 🙂