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Exacution exists as a Punisher themed character with something of an executioner’s hood. Exacution is misspelled with an “A” to indicate the feminine of the the word, slightly derivative of Latin dialects that transpose the masculine and feminine version of the same word. (i.e. Chico vs. Chica)

She’s a character that starts her bloody crusade with vengeance in her heart but evolves into a cunning hunter and strategist that uses her outrageous proportions as, perhaps, her deadliest weapon against her victims.

Giselle Empire is well educated with several degrees in Criminal Law acquired in a fraction of the time it takes most to earn such a status. Her multiple attempts to establish herself in the field fall victim to overt sexual harassment from clients and professional alike. Succumbing to pressure, Giselle falls into the sex industry to make ends meet. Street life is something that she wasn’t prepared for and learns through the experience of heartache and tragedy  that she would embrace a life on the other side of the law as a brutal and calculated killer, judging the wicked and becoming an executioner in the streets, where the system failed to serve justice.

Height: 5’10” | Wieght: 130 lbs. | Hair: Blonde| Eyes: Blue


Giselle Empire was born to 3rd generation, Italian, immigrants of German descent, Maria and  Ambros Impero. She enjoyed suburban life and was protected from the harsh realities of the streets and urban decay, until she left for college to study Criminal Law. (An Italian-German with a French name. Yeah, I’m all over the place here, read on . . . if you like to read bad writing.)

Giselle excelled in her studies, aided by a self imposed, very limited, social life. From the time of puberty, she was always very voluptuous and suffered a great deal of ridicule and harassment as she developed, from males and females, adults and peers. This torment lead her to choose a life of almost perfect seclusion to keep her assailants at bay. With exception of her parents and her obligations to school she would be hard pressed to speak to anyone. Sometimes she would succumb to feelings of shame about her body, yet she always maintained the idea that she was made this way for a reason and that everything we experience shapes who we are for a purpose. On occasion when the pressure was too much, her parents would remind her of the beauty that dwells within and to never lose hope, and with her parents support she continued to strive despite the pitfalls and hurdles before her, no matter how insurmountable they seemed.

It’s during this time that she immerses herself in her studies, developing a thirst for knowledge. With this she graduates from High School early and moves forward to pursue Law as a career accepting a full scholarship to a prestigious university and makes great strides in earning multiple degrees before the age of 25.

Establishing herself as a professional after school proves to be an impossible task as she encounters sexual harassment from colleagues and clients alike, and is eventually forced to leave practice after practice when interpersonal turmoil, jealousy, and ridicule become too much to endure. It’s been said that for some, you never get over High School and others aren’t allowed to. Still after all of this time and insurmountable trials she maintains the idea that she she was made this way for a reason and decides to embrace her features after some coaxing from a club owner who happened to meet her while he was on recess during a civil case.

Following the path into the sex industry was, perhaps, the furthest from her mind as she pursued her law career. But the people that she met and would meet amidst the strobe lights and the sultry performances were just that, people. Some were the embodiment of the stereotypical strip club go-er or performer, there has to be at least one at every venue, greedy, handsy, conniving, or petty. But by and large, she met real people many of whom shattered the stereotypes with their compassion, honesty, and generosity.  Some of these people she would grow to trust enough to call friends.

Giselle settled at a club in San Francisco after short stint featuring in the local club circuit where she became friendly with the club’s owner, a stout round woman named Mattie who liked to pay as well as play with the “talent” and had more of a flair for the burlesque than the, popular, porn style highlights of the stage, but knew the value of the customer’s demands and maintained a nice blend of the artistic potential and the hardcore nature one would expect from typical clubs.

One night Giselle’s show is interrupted by a police raid, looking to get their hands on a prostitution & drug trafficking scandal to shut Mattie’s place down. Giselle stops the police in their tracks wearing nothing but her platform heals and a belly chain demanding to examine the warrant they barged in with. She then sends them packing faster than they came in as the warrant has a typo on it with the wrong number of the street address to the Mattie’s club.  After the police have left Mattie reveals that she was likely set up by one of the mob gangs that has been tightening their grip on the local gambling and sex entertainment operations around town.

Mob pressure escalates resulting in the death of one of Mattie’s performers on the clubs premises, one that Mattie and Giselle  were particularly close to. In one fell swoop the police have all they need to shut down the club, charging Mattie with homicide, criminal weapons and narcotics possession. Mattie, maddened with grief at the loss of her performer and friend, cracks one of the cops over the head with a bottle of 151, then grabs one of the contraband guns and starts firing wildly. The gun shots trip one of the performers Flame props that ignites the 151 soaked drapes and furniture.  The club goes up in flames claiming Mattie’s life and the life of one police officer.

Giselle is pulled out by one of the Officers after trying to save Mattie from herself. (This officer later becomes her inside man in the department.) Later, dissatisfied with police and law enforcement’s, limited,  efforts to get the people really responsible for the travesty at Mattie’s club, Giselle starts her own investigation to clear Mattie’s name.

Giselle’s investigation draws her into a world that she wasn’t prepared to experience first hand and gets her into physical conflicts that she barely escapes alive. Realizing that book smarts weren’t going to help her in a brawl, she applies her mind to the study of the knuckle, the kick, blades and guns and mastery of the human anatomy to prepare for the fight to come. . . more than a fight . . . a war.

After some time learning to fight and training to hone her physique into a powerful mass of peak human conditioning, she sets out to exact revenge on the ones that hurt her friend and discovers other uses for her skills to implement justice where ever she deems it necessary as hooded death dealer, labeled on the streets as Exacution.


Exacution has extensive combat training, from fire arms to hand to hand. She is in peak physical condition and uses her outrageous proportions to get close to her enemies and is a master of seduction and subterfuge.

She wears a skin tight, form fitting, body suit, designed by The Undertaker, that is a micrometer thick, light weight with a tensile strength that can withstand the gunfire of automatic weapons and basic piercing objects. This doesn’t protect her from the pain of combat but helps to ensure that can stay pristine from lacerations and scars that she might otherwise endure during her campaign of vigilante justice.