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DC Characters

Some drawings of DC Characters that I have done over the years.

Wonder Woman

10_WonderWoman MarshalSilver_Warden_Wonder 01_WonderWoman-02-11-08 superman_wonderwoman-LOGO

HulkFamily_WonderWoman WonderWoman_PowerGirl_darker wonderwomanpowergirl800px3m I think this one was drawn sometime around 2006 or 2007. I never finished it so I never dated and signed it. Then all of a sudden 7 years goes by and you're like . . . when the hell did I do that?


Power Girl

Power-Gril PowerGirl-WhichWayisUP PowerGirl-Tribute  PowerGirl_FabulousSunSword

PowerGirl_03_Final 02_PowerGirl-02-12-08 PowerGirl-She-Hulk_Wankers


 Cap_vs_Bat Batman_02_LessPackage SketchCard_Bat-Cat Bat-Joker_Gray Trinity-Zola

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