D.O.G. Soldiers

August 18, 2017 in Characters, Teams

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The team is comprised of a race of Alien beings who call themselves the Dögin, Gantuan (Their Leader),  Decree (Field commander), Foresight (Dögin & Human Hybrid Telepathic),  Rend (Dögin & Human Hybrid, Team Brawler can pop bones from any part of his body),  Warp (Communications & Teleportation), Boulder (Earth Elemental), Vehement (Ancient Sporty Assassin), & Vex (Human Native American of the Cheyenne)

While battling the Dreath in this sector of our Galaxy, both ships crash landed on the North American continent during colonial times. The Dreath land in the New England area, while the Dögin crashed in what would become the U.S. mid west region, Montana and Oklahoma.

Until the turn of the 20th century each group thought that the other perished in the crash and it’s wasn’t until the improvement of more modern communication, around the turn of the 20th century, that the Dögin discover that the Dreath have prospered and have worked their way into the politcal system and governing bodies of the North East.



D.O.G. Soldiers

Team Members:



Master Cheif Gargant Gantuan is the founder and giant of the team standing over 7 feet tall. Though his size is intimidating he rarely engages in combat, instead leaving the dirty work to his right hand android, Decree.

  • Super strenght? I dunno . . . I’m sure I figured it out somewhere and sometime in the 90’s.
  • Off the charts intelligence.
  • Combat Skill (Though he doesn’t use it very often)
  • High degree of Techincal Savvy


Decree is an android infused with the algorithm essence of El’Gren L’ark, the foremost field commander on the Dögin’s homeworld. Decree leads the team on field missions and is adept at hand to hand combat.

  • Decree can fire energy from the palms of his hands like Iron Man.
  • Fire energy in a more formidable from his mouth, which is how he gets his code name Decree, becuase his final word may be the last thing the enemy hears.
  • Flight
  • Interface with Machines


Warp is among the Original Dögin who crash landed here with the ship. She is intensely loyal to the Master Chief.  She’s a quiet sort of character, very reserved. The use of her powers is extremely painful and often pushes her

  • Flight
  • Teleportation
  • Electric field that releases in a wave.
  • Limited energy Absorption.


Boulder is also among the Original Dögin who crash landed here with the ship. Boulder is an elemental who can meld with the ore and minerals of the earth. After the crash landing Boulder sought solace in the earth and retreated to the barren dessert plains where he’s rested until called upon by Gantuan

  • Can Use the surrounding earth to add to his mass and strength
  • Can hide in the soil or minerals
  • Chameleon like color change.
  • Uses the earth to regenerate.


Katrina (Trina) Lee? She is part Dögin but does not know that until she is reluctantly recruited to the team. When she’s collected they find her on the set of a Porn film doing a parody of the Justice League, subtitled “Unite the Seven”. She joins the team reluctantly as giving up her lifestyle of Sex, Drugs, and Constant Partying to be a superhero didn’t really seem like a fair trade, as she was making nearly $50,000 a month in the Sex Industry.

  • Trina has telepathic abilities that start out as more empathic, being able to read emotions of people in the immediate proximity.
  • Mind Reading
  • limited telekinesis
  • Some moderate fighting skill, a girl sometimes has to protect herself especially in the party life style.


Carlos Oha is the brash brawling blade of the team. Orphaned at a young age he spent a lot of his youth in orphanages and in and out of Juvenile Detention facilities across the American south west.  After getting in trouble with a smuggling run, the 22 year old started to discover his abilities during an altercation with other inmates, killing one man with a shoulder spike through the skull. The emergence of his ability somehow draws the attention of the Dögin, and they come and collect him from prison . . . I’m not sure if they break him out or use legal means to set him free. Katrina and Carlos are immediately taken with one another but have a tumultuous relationship.

  • Can create Sharp bones and spines from any part of his body,
  • Can form Bone Armor around his body
  • Bone minerals can intensify and increase density to the point of steel.
  • Brawling berzerker fighting skill
  • Regenerative properties/ healing factor.


Vehement from the first wave of colonization at the beaning of humanity’s history.
Vhella of Leshboez, is of an ancient order of battle bitches that legend names the Haught, from the hidden civilization of Pontus (Legendary home of the Amazons in the grate plains of Turkey). Earth is a cultivation colony that the was lost to the Dögin a million years ago. Vhella and her clan were once the care takers of the workers that were plied to propagate the planet and it’s resources. At some point, humanity lost thier task and made a way for themselves while the Haught retreated to their Pontus home.

  • Skilled Assassin from the island of Leshboez on the Dögin home world,
  • Extensive Weapons training with both blades and guns.
  • Strength of 10 men
  • Superior reflexes and speed compared to that of a human.


When the Dögin first crashed on the great plains of the American South West, the Native of the region were to first to help them survive after escaping the wreckage. The natives called them the Star People and their legends and lore are full of stories about the enchant world. Vex (Derrick White Cloud ) is one among the many generations that continued to aid and live with the Dögin through the eras, and now with the Modern threat of the Dreath exposed they help to eradicate the threat that the Dreath present.

  • Superior Fighting Skill
  • Sharp shooter with bow and arrow/ Guns
  • Adept tracking ability
  • Fearless warrior in battle.