Copic Marker Drawing

May 28, 2012 in Artist Alley

So I did this at the A.I. Friedman in Portchester on Sat. for the hell of it. I’m sure that we’ve all seen the masters of the comic book industry post hundreds of illustrations all over the net featuring their skills on their favorite characters and heroes or scenic environments. I’ve always thought these tools to be too far out of my reach in price to ever think that I would get a glimpse of what I could possibly do with these markers in my drawing hand.

Well this is the precursor to the future. As any good art supply store would, A.I. Friedman has a display of Copic Markers available for their customers to try out on sample pads of paper with a wide variety to choose from though not the whole spectrum of colors available from Copic. To the left of the Copic display were a bunch of water proof Micron Pigma Pens and I grabbed a #1 and and started to carefully lay out her face. I hardly ever start a drawing in ink as I’m just not that comfortable with my drawing skill to limit myself without the ability to erase and correct my lines. As you can see the distortion of her face here is a little out of my element.  After this, I went with the lightest flesh tone that I could find and started filling out her features then used slightly darker tones to further accentuate some of her features.

I hardly ever work in color and this was a bit of a challenge for me but I have to say that I’m sorta pleased with the outcome of this to share it with you. I hope to own a set of Copic markers one day and perhaps do something with them 🙂