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Champion, a character inspired by one of the greatest heroes in the history of Comics, and fills the role of a Superman in the Oblivion pantheon of characters.

Created out of the desire to have my own Superman, Champion is an amalgam of strength, indomitable will and outrageous proportion. Champion is among the 5 strongest beings in this universe, placing at the top of Oblivion’s Elite .

Born in a laboratory to be the ultimate host body for the Dreath, parasitic alien beings from the deepest reaches of space, he was thought to be a failure and was re-purposed for military use.

Height: 6’4″ | Wieght: 300 lbs. | Hair: Blonde| Eyes: Blue


Click to view full size imageCreated in a secret government laboratory of the Directive, John Smith wasn’t born to parents like you or I, but for the purpose of creating a better host body for a parasitic alien race that has inhabited the earth for over 300 years, the Dreath.

Madelyn Shane & Esteban Reyes are the scientists that act as mother & father (for lack of a better term) to the boy as he grows at an accelerated rate. With a steady regimen of combat training and zealous educational material the child is a prodigy, able to calculate and absorb information at an exponential rate. Time demonstrates that he does not need to eat or sleep, that his body generates it’s own nutrients based on plant combination into his DNA, introduced by Esteban. Essentially, John is a self-sufficient miniature energy reactor. Excess energy can be expelled from his eyes generating within the retina, prolonged expulsion causes fatigue and it is speculated to induce a severe comatose state depending on the degree of use.

By the time the John is 10, he has grown to full adulthood and has had no direct contact with a Dreath Host. It is at this period that the Dreath try to occupy John’s body but the Dreath are rejected. Sighting the project as a failure the Dreath order General Arnold T Rainier (Chief Officer of the Directive) to shut down the project sighting other experiments, (lead by Esteban Reyes) as more promising ventures. Reyes convinces them to keep the “subject” sighting his potential as a weapon on a defensive and offensive front. It is later discovered that John’s DNA structure also contained Dreath DNA and Dreath cannot use their own kind as host bodies.

The Dreath want to see what he can do and release Champion to address a terrorist threat that faces the Manhattan shore line, against the advice of both Reyes & Shane. Defeating the threat with ease, John makes a military decision to eliminate a terrorist on site. This event is caught on tape and a government spin is set into motion that proclaims him to be a hero as questions arise from the public as well as the media as to their ability to trust a being with such incredible power.

Introduced to the media by the President of the United States, with the statement “We are living in a dark era. This Land, our land is in need of a Champion.” It is here that John not only earns his name but discovers that the President as well as members of his cabinet are Dreath Hosts.

During this time it is revealed that John is socially inept, for his only life experience is within the confines of the military. He is rigid & stern, no opinions or thoughts of his own and speaks only when spoken to. He is overly polite when addressing men & women, finishing every statement with Ma’am & Sir and standing at attention. The world outside the confines of the military intrigued him things & places he had only ever read about in books and instructional videos. He had never been prone to use his abilities for anything other than what he was instructed to do and now realizes that he his strengths give him the ability to do anything go anywhere and explore the world around him. The idea to challenge the system and know the world around you is planted like seeds in Johns mind by Alessandra Niskanen, Journalist for the New York Times.

Government operatives try to call John back to the facility but something reveals the corruption of the organization that bore him life and he rebels in an effort to maintain his freedom and satiate his thirst for knowledge. He escapes but not before destroying the Laboratory, compound and facility as a whole, releasing all of the test subjects that the Directive had been creating for the last 100 years or so.

Esteban Reyes is cornered and blamed along with Madelyn Shane. Madelyn is escorted out of the facility by Dreath hosts but Reyes fights and is slated for execution. Reyes turns his own serums on himself to survive the onslaught of the military strong arms.

Madelyn Shane makes a deal with the Dreath to continue the research elsewhere, having saved all of the research on back up servers in a remote location in Jersey City, New Jersey and eventually sets up shop in New York though a dummy corporation to be closer to Champion with orders to either capture him or eliminate him.

Champion will spend time in New York City after dealing with some of the Creatures that emerge from the facility wreckage.  The Government does not want to condemn him for they feel that the media would be able to keep a closer watch on him than they would also making him “feel safe in the Public Eye” so that they can monitor his activity and figure out a way to subdue or eliminate the threat.

During this time, John is offered sanctuary at a church and spends some time with Alessandra where he begins to develop a conscience and a new found philosophy for life, though he does not agree with many of the teachings of the Church & it’s history in shaping the world.


Champ has extensive combat training, from fire arms to hand to hand. His lightning reflexes make him a nearly impossible opponent to detect, let alone defeat.

  • Dragon Breath:
    Yeah the guy spits fire like a dragon.
  • Immeasurable strength
  • Impenetrable Hide:
    Cannot be harmed by bullet fire or sharp objects
  • Limited X-ray Vision:
    Works like an envelope against the light, To view the contents within. He cannot make out details just a rough shadow
  • Enhanced hearing:
  • Flight
  • Impossible Speed
  • Eye Bolts:
    looks like lightning coming from his eyes
  • Dreath Detection:
    Limited ability to see Dreath through the Human Host
  • Proximity Effect:
    to be explained later.