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    cfv4004covmarc_02I love the work of Marc Silvestri and it’s always a pleasure to see that he has new stuff to offer even though her doesn’t have regular comics on the shelf any more these days.
    With the release of hid Kickstarter initiative for Cyber Force, the title that helped him solidify his role as co-founder of Image Comics, he had Top Cow will be releasing the comic to comics shops for free. How awesome is that!?!

    Pictured to the left is the character of Aphrodite IX made available to us via

    I’ve always been a big Cyber Force fan and if you have the inclination to check it out, remember it’s free for at least the first 5 issues. I’m not sure if this is going to be an ongoing series or not but nothing says take a look like FREE! 🙂

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